The Institution has adequate infrastructure and other facilities for, Teaching - learning, viz., classrooms, laboratories, computing equipment etc. ICT - enabled facilities such as smart class, LMS etc.

Facilities for Cultural and sports activities, yoga centre, games (indoor and outdoor), Gymnasium, auditorium etc. (Describe the adequacy of facilities in maximum of 500 words.)

The Gonna Institution of Information Technology and Sciences was founded in 2009 and is equipped with all the required facilities to meet the needs of the stakeholders and the course requirements.

This institution has a high-quality infrastructure that is well-maintained, covers 10 acres, and is surrounded by expansive, luxuriant vegetation with picturesque vistas, recreational areas, and facilities.

The location of this institution is free from noise and pollution, and the campus has a microclimate with trees and therapeutic plants. Additionally, the structure is oriented in a way that will provide each space with adequate ventilation and lighting.

Students may learn at this school easily because to its well-stocked library, books, sports, labs, and transportation. With a decent ratio of restrooms, nice hostel amenities are also available for both boys and females. To meet the needs of students for nutritious cuisine, a well-maintained mess and canteen.


The college offers well-ventilated classrooms, tutorial spaces with seating for each of the 76 students, projectors, and internet connections.

Each department has an online classroom with various technology features.

Laboratories and workshops

The required hardware and software courses are accessible in each department to carry out the curricular, co-curricular, and research activities.

This institution has well-equipped laboratories with cutting-edge apparatus. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are available in every computer lab.


In an academic institution, libraries are the most crucial factor. Consequently, the library is furnished with -----------------.

The libraries on this campus, including the digital library, are well-stocked and useful for students and staff members in the process of learning and teaching as well as expanding their knowledge of technical subjects.

Seminar Halls

The school has a large seminar room that can accommodate ---- pupils and is well-equipped with a sufficient audio system, a projector, and air conditioning.

Sports Facilities

Outdoor Games: There are two distinct courts for badminton, a separate basketball court, and a large area of two acres amassed for ground use where cricket and volley ball many other are played.

Indoor Games: On college campuses, students have access to indoor games like chess, caroms, etc.

Cultural Activities

• Students from our college have engaged in extracurricular and intramural activities; they have also attended youth festivals on a zonal and inter zonal level. involved in academic, dramatic, and fine arts activities as well.