Objective And Function of NSS Cell


The core objective of NSS is to develop the personality and character of students through voluntary community service. It goes beyond academics, aiming to create well-rounded individuals. This benefits the communities they serve and equips students with valuable life skills and a deeper understanding of their role within society. To empower students to contribute meaningfully, the NSS unit can focus on.


  • The NSS unit can assess the community's needs, creating impactful volunteer projects that address real concerns.
  • By incorporating skill-building activities into projects, the NSS unit can equip students with valuable tools like team work and communication, preparing them for future endeavours.
  • The NSS unit can foster collaboration and partnerships within the community, fostering a sense of collective responsibility and maximizing the impact of volunteer efforts.
  • NSS activities can be designed to promote civic engagement, encouraging students to become informed and active participants in shaping their communities.
  • The NSS unit can encourage reflection and evaluation of projects, allowing students to learn from their experiences and continuously improve their impact.
  • Recognition of student contributions through well-deserved celebrations motivates continued engagement and reinforces the value of community service.

NSS Committee Members


S.No Name of the staff Branch Role
1 Dr.P.S.N. Murty, Principal ECE Chairperson
2 Dr.ParvathiInduri (Professor) HoD, BS&H Co-Ordinator
3 Mr.J.Johnoson Raju (Asst.professor) BH&H Member
4 Mr.K.Ratnakar (Asst.Professsor) CE Member
5 Mr.S,Sai Kumar(Asst.Professor) EEE Member
6 Mr.K.Prasanna Kumar(Asst.Professor) ME Member
7 Mr.R.Ramanjaneyulu Reddy (Asst.Professor) CSE Member


S.No Roll number Name of the Student Year Branch Role
1 216E1A0101 B.Akhila III Year BTECH-CE Member
2 216E1A0102 G.Revathi III Year BTECH-CE Member
3 206E1A0105 J.Appalaraju II Year BTECH-CE Member
4 206E1A0111 V.Srilatha II Year BTECH-CE Member
5 206E1A0110 V.KanakaDurga II Year BTECH-CE Member
6 206E1A0109 M.Devi IV Year BTECH-CE Member
7 206E1A0101 B.Ganesh IV Year BTECH-CE Member
8 206E1A0102 D.Anusha IV Year BTECH-CE Member