Late Sri. G.B NAIDU, the founder chairman of Sri Veera Jagannadh Educational Society was a man of simple words, higher achievements, and high goals born in a humble agricultural family at Gonnavanipalem.

A small village near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.Sri G.B NAIDU believed serving society and people is the only responsibility of a human being.He completed M.com from Andhra University.Later at a young age, he starteda construction business.

Later on, his urge to become an industrialist made him venture into the industry and started many companies. SriVeera JaganadhaIndustriesbecame a success catapulting him to the pinnacle of his career.Besides, heactively participated in politics ata young age with the motto of servingpeople and the nation.Later, with his vision for a better future, he admired that today's generation istomorrow's future.

With this vision, he started the SriVeera Jaganadha Educational Society for a better tomorrow.

Students are the future and the hope of our nation their holistic development underlined by higher values and moral standing is hisgoal andmission.


Mr. G. HEMACHAND NAIDU, secretary of, Sri Veera Jagannadh Educational Society graduated as a civil engineer from Andhra University and did his masters in structural engineering.He comes with deep insights into quality education in the areas of future skills required to be embed in the courses offered by our institution. He has been in close coordination with the institution from his very young age itself.

He has the privilege and moral duty to classes forward the legacy of this giant visioning of his father, by sustaining his endeavors and transforming GONNA into a modern and multi-disciplinary higher education institution, integrating ethical values and social responsibility.

Our students are the future and the hope of our action. Their holistic development underlined by higher values and moral standing we are all investing all our energies, efforts, experience, and talents in molding and training them into responsible global citizen’s par excellence.